CommonBound Network Gathering: "Foreign Trade and Investment in the New Economy"

This gathering will cover the main challenges that neoliberal, corporate-driven trade paradigm pose to a thriving new economy, explore alternatives frameworks, and discuss which networks, coalitions, and bases of power could come together to transform our trade paradigm to one centered on justice and sustainability.

We are activists organizing to stop the new wave of proposed free trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and think it is important to contextualize this advocacy within a larger movement building a new economy that is centered on people and sustains communities.

This gathering will offer participants from an array of backgrounds new ideas helpful to contextualize local work, a greater understanding of what better trade policy looks like, and strategies to strengthen advocacy against the bad, as well as for the good. It will include a broad range of experiences, issue focuses, and identities. We encourage any activists mobilizing to #StopTPP, community organizers working on building strong local economies, trade policy wonks, and individuals looking to learn more to attend.

Throughout the day, we will:

  • Learn about the work that has already been done to develop principles that could frame foreign trade and investment in the new economy and discuss successes and limitations in advocating for these alternatives.
  • Hear from organizers working to rebuild and strengthen local economies who have been challenged by trade rules limiting local procurement and reinvestment policies.
  • Strategize ways to build power through grassroots movements and networks of progressive cities to advance an alternative trade and investment framework centered on justice, sustainability, and equitable development.

This network gathering is open to all CommonBound attendees. Please contact Arielle Clynes at arielle.clynes [at] with any ideas, questions or if you are interested in helping to coordinate or present at this gathering!


  • Arielle Clynes, SustainUS
  • Adam Hasz, SustainUS