CommonBound Network Gathering: "Southern Movement Assembly, Southern People’s Initiative "

Before the South became synonymous with the US South, it was a global south slave colony and plantation. Therefore the US South is an extension of the Greater Caribbean region of colonial slavery. Given the historical legacy of slavery in the US and Global south, we work against this trend by working to ensure a just transition, jobs, equitable pay, and working conditions along with an improved impact on environment and climate.

We need a new sustainable economy for the South. The labor laws and practices in the US South are of a 20th century capitalist economy and today we are in a 21st century globalized economy. We need to form a new social economy that is not just the profiteers and corporations, but includes workers at the negotiation table.

To that end our Network Gathering will bring Southern Organizers from throughout the Southern Movement Assembly to gather, assess, and plan how our efforts and the current Southern People’s Initiatives have met the goal of advancing Southern movement power, education, and communication.

This network gathering is open to all Southern People's Iniative Participating Organizations. For more information, contact jovan [at] or call 404-622-0602.


  • Emery Wright, (Project South)
  • Ash-Lee Henderson (Project South)
  • Jovan Julien (Project South)
  • Joaquin Abrego (Southwest Workers Union)