Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go when I get to Buffalo?

  • Arriving on Thursday: Go directly to your lodging. Conference check-in will open on Friday morning at 8 AM at Buffalo State College.
  • Arriving/checking in on Friday: Go directly to Buffalo State College to the Campbell Student Union. The best place to get dropped off in a cab is “Cleveland Circle, Buffalo, NY”. The best location for parking is on Rockwell Road near Cleveland Circle. You may also park in any of the lots labeled “Faculty/Staff/Student Parking.” 

How do I get to and from the airport?

  • We recommend taking a taxi. Please call one of the following taxi companies:
    • Buffalo Airport Taxi Service (716) 292-4425
    • Buffalo Express Taxi Service (716) 809-8009
    • Liberty Yellow Cab (716) 877-7111
    • Buffalo Taxi Service (716) 809-8001
  • You can also take the Airport - Downtown Express for $2.50 and connect to the NFTA Metro subway ($2.00) for Canisius or UB, or the 20 Bus towards Orchard for Buffalo State.  Please see the NFTA airport website for more info and use Google Maps to plan your trip.

We recommend that you schedule a taxi in advance for your trip from CommonBound to the airport for your departing flight. If you are taking public transit, please allocate at least 90 minutes for this trip.

What time is Conference registration check in?

  • The registration table will be open for check-in:
    • FRIDAY
      • 8 AM - 5 PM (Campbell Student Union)
      • 5 PM - 8 PM (Rockwell Hall, 1300 Elmwood Avenue)
      • 8:30 AM - 5 PM (Campbell Student Union)
    • SUNDAY
      • 8:30 AM - 5 PM (Campbell Student Union)

Will the conference program be printed?

  • Yes! All attendees will receive a printed program upon checking in at conference registration.. If you prefer digital, please see the schedule at Or for a digital sneak-peak of the printed program, click here.

How do I connect to wifi at Buffalo State?

  • Select the network “bscwlan”
    You will get a pop up to join the network.
    Username: EventsMgtGuest
    Password:  CommonBound2016
  • If you run into a problem, please turn off your wifi port and turn it back on and try again. You may need to re-login several times daily.
  • Please note that Cassety Hall has their own wifi network that guests staying there will get upon check in.

What meals are included with my registration? 

  • Friday: Breakfast snacks, lunch, light dinner
    Saturday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
    Sunday: Breakfast and lunch
    Monday: Breakfast and lunch
    1.) We will have many guests with very specific dietary needs. Please leave food labeled as vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free for those who have those needs.
    2.) During lunchtime on Friday, there will be a campus bbq happening in the Campbell Plaza. This is for students and not for CommonBound. Conference attendees will have a catered grab and go lunch available in the Social Hall of Campbell Student Union.

Are there gender inclusive bathrooms available? 

Each building and all dorms  designated gender inclusive bathrooms. The Info Desks located in the Campbell Student Union and Rockwell Lobby will have information on their locations.

Emergency CommonBound Hotlines 

General - 716.780.CB16 (2216)

Housing - 716.780.CASA (2272)

Shuttle Services - 716.217.0079
Buffalo State University Campus Police - 716.878.6333

I’m not sure if I registered for a dorm!
If you have registered to stay in the dorms, you should have already received a confirmation email. If not, call 716.780.CASA (2272) and let us know your first and last name, and the nights you registered for and your email and we will review your account and be in touch.

We have very limited spots left. If you register for housing online, your housing is confirmed once you have gotten a confirmation email. Please allow 24 hours for confirmation.

Please Note: As of Wednesday, July 7th, we are SOLD OUT of housing for Sunday Night. We recommend you stay at the Holiday Inn Downtown, the Hyatt Regency, or Hostel Buffalo Niagara as all three hotels are near CommonBound Shuttle Stops.

What dorm am I assigned to?

  • You should have received an email with the subject line “Your CommonBound Dorm/Housing Assignment,” please search your inbox
  • If you DEFINITELY did not receive this email, please call 716.780.CASA (2272) and let us know your first and last name, the nights you registered for and your email and we will review your account and be in touch as soon as possible. 

What time is check-in at the dorms?

  • Buffalo State, Cassety Hall (Main Floor)  -- Thursday and Friday 9am - 9pm
  • Canisius (Dugan Basement) -- Thursday 3pm - 8pm, Friday 8:30am - 8pm
    • If lost during business hours call 716-888-8300
  • University at Buffalo South Campus Goodyear Hall, Room 119 Main Floor)  -- 8:30am - Midnight Daily

I’m arriving really late or really early in the day, how do I check into my dorm?
Call the after hours housing hotline for your campus to check in.
Buffalo State Cassety Hall - (716) 697-1288
Canisius College - (716) 888-2330
University at Buffalo - (716) 829-3144

Where can I park on a college campus? 

  • Buffalo State

Vehicle ticketing is suspended on Thursday through Tuesday for CommonBound 2016. You may park in any lot labeled STAFF/FACULTY/STUDENT LOT during the day and overnight. You may not park in in any metered or reserved spots. 

  • Canisius College
    If you are bringing your car, you may need to get a permit to park on campus. Please let Residence Life Staff know that you have a vehicle with you. They will advise you on parking and permitting. 
  • University at Buffalo South Campus
    There is open parking in the Main/Bailey Lot which is right outside Goodyear and Clement Halls. Campus security will not ticket this lot for the duration of CommonBound.

I am staying at a dorm or hotel, how do I get to Buffalo State College? 

There will be chartered shuttle buses running directly from dorms and hotels to Buffalo State College starting on Friday, July 8th at 8am and ending Monday, July 11th at 10am. All shuttles go to Cleveland Circle on Buffalo State’s campus.

Dorms: The exact location of the shuttle stop nearest to each dorm is identified on the campus maps and the end of this FAQ.
Hotels: Please refer to the shuttle map below. We will have a Downtown Shuttle running to:
      The Holiday Inn Downtown at 620 Delaware Avenue
     The Hyatt Regency 2 Fountain Plaza (Huron entrance)
**You are welcome to take either hotel shuttle if you are staying at or in proximity to either hotel**

Shuttle Schedule: 

Friday 8am - 10am: Departures every 15 minutes
           10am - 11pm: Departures every 40-60 minutes

Saturday 8am - 10am: Departures every 15 minutes
           10am - 11:30pm: Departures every 40-60 minutes

Sunday  8am - 10am: Departures every 15 minutes

           10am - 11:30pm: Departures every 40-60 minutes


Monday 8am - 10am: Departures every 15 minutes (NO UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO SERVICE)

Will my dorm have air conditioning?

We cannont gaurantee that the dorms will be air conditioned. If you are driving and have a small fan, we recommend you bring it with you.

Who can I ask for help?

Staff and volunteers will be wearing blue, New Economy shirts. If you need assistance, feel free to ask one of us!