CommonBound Network Gathering: "Commons Rising: Moving from Ownership to Relationship"

Learning the language of commoning and decolonization is a radical act.

The words themselves change how we think as they highlight many of our culture's fundamental misconceptions. Our four facilitators are offering this workshop as medicine for some of the things that are ailing us at a deep level. As we build a new economy together, let's move forward in a way that unites us at the core with other beings, the natural world, and ourselves.

This network gathering explores these topics with conversations and illustrations about the commons (all that we share, inherit, and pass on), decolonization (ending control over people, land, and language), reparations (restoring equity among all people and all things) and rewilding/reindigenation (embracing the wild in us and around us and recovering our indigenous roots). 

Our team will share parts of our work that explore food, water, land, and energy. We want to collectively seek answers to:

  • What kinds of relationships does ownership offer?
  • What types relationships does a new economy need?
  • Where does knowledge about balance, diversity, and exchange come from?
  • How to build and restore new relationships inside of old ones?
  • What does reconciliation with each other and the earth ask of us?

Join this gathering to help answer these questions and to learn from the experiences of others including our four facilitators:

Scott Reed (Communal land stewardship)
Strong Oak (Indigenous food systems)
Lynn Benander (Cooperative energy)
Paul Baines (Great Lakes governance)