CommonBound Network Gathering: "Asian American Solidarity Economies"

This network gathering will launch an Asian American Solidarity Economy cohort, which will meet for one year with three goals:

The first is to develop a framework for the theory and practice of solidarity economies in Asian American communities. We believe that there are historical and cultural particulars to the Asian American experience that make equitable and cooperative economic development distinct.

Second, we aim to create a participatory toolkit on the different facetsĀ  of solidarity economies (including worker-owned cooperatives, community land trusts, and participatory planning) targeted to and translated for Asian American communities.

Last, we will develop a peer network of Asian American solidarity economy practitioners that will, on the one hand, make visible experiments emerging in communities across the nation, and, on the other, provide support to local projects. The overarching intent is to cultivate ideas, tools, and resources so Asian American communities can self-determine a new economy that is radically inclusive, just, sustainable, and democratic.

This network gathering is invitation only. For more information, please contact yvonne [at] or parag [at]


  • Yvonne Yen Liu (Solidarity Research Center)
  • Parag Rajendra Khandhar (Baltimore Activating Solidarity Economies)