CommonBound Track: "Black Lives, Labor, and Liberation in the New Economy"

The legacy of our economy’s foundation--on the theft of indigenous lands and lives, slavery, and colonialism--lives with us in many ways. An entrenched racial wealth gap leaves black and brown communities without basic economic security, and a growing prison economy profits off the misery of those same communities. Excluded from the mainstream, marginalized communities have been forced to innovate, reimagine, and challenge the status quo economy just to survive. Now, as more and more Americans of all colors are confronted with economic and ecological crisis, the resilient practices of frontline communities can serve as models for transforming all of society. This track will outline a vision and strategy for building an economy that values the labor and lives of people of color, providing attendees with the tools to imagine and work toward economic goals that center disinvestment from institutions that harm black life while building up alternative economies, institutions and community control. Participants will walk away from CommonBound ready to envision a multi-dimensional, radically inclusive plan for economic justice.

We’re looking for session proposals that:

  • Highlight and challenge the erasure of black lives in the economy, especially of those who are most marginalized within the black community
  • Strengthen our understanding of the current economic system, with special attention to intersectionality and the importance of collective struggle
  • Connect economic injustice to other struggles and forms of oppression
  • Introduce and explore innovative strategies and solutions to old problems
  • Create an environment of mutual learning

Specific topics might include (but are not limited to): reparations, cooperatives, community land trusts, participatory budgeting, race and gender wage gaps, asset building, workers’ rights, public banking, baby bonds, and green economies.

Sessions can take the form of participatory workshops, seminars, trainings, or whatever works best for you--feel free to get creative!

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