CommonBound Track: "Making Trouble, Growing Solutions: Creative Resistance and the New Economy"

How can we create strategic, relational, and powerful connections between resistance to racism, imperialism, and global capitalism and efforts to build a better world? How does working in these intersections change how we think about movement ecology, community self-determination, and the scale of system transformation?

This track will draw on international examples and lesser known US efforts to understand how different ways of taking action interact within a diverse movement ecosystem, and what that means for our work. Participants will walk away with frameworks, tools, and relationships to locate themselves in their movement and community ecosystem, and to use creative resistance, emergent strategy, and "democracy muscles" to deepen their work to create just, sustainable, and democratic futures.

Coordinated By:

  • Rachel Plattus, Beautiful Solutions (ra
  • Elandria Williams, Beautiful Solutions
  • Nadine Bloch, Beautiful Trouble

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