TheCommonBound Track: "Means of [Re]production: Gender Justice in the New Economy"

What role do gender and sexuality play in the transformation of our economy? What would it look like to center work that has been made invisible in the current economy due to patriarchy, white supremacy, heteronormativity, and the devaluation of “domestic labor”?

This track will explore the intersection of gender and economic justice, as made visible by movements for reproductive justice, domestic workers rights, LGBTQ rights, and feminist economics. Bringing together voices from all parts of the economy and representing paid and unpaid labor, we will interrogate the state of families, reproduction, care-work, and birthing in a capitalist system, and envision new worlds and new systems that value emotional, relational, and care labor.

Session proposals should aim to ground an understanding of gender justice in the work already happening to drive it forward, bringing in presenters with experience in grassroots organizing, institution-building and reform, innovative policy pushes and backgrounds in key theoretical frameworks that lend themselves to action.

Topics to covered include (but are not limited to): feminized labor, family leave, childcare, elder care, families in the new economy, trans rights, emotional labor, care economies, domestic workers, reproductive justice, women and queer entrepreneurship, birthing, and more.


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