Climate Solutions for a Just Transition

The climate crisis is a threat to our long-term survival as a species. Its impacts are already being felt by communities around the world everyday, disproportionately so for those who have been historically disadvantaged and under-resourced. From cities dealing with sea-level rise and intensifying weather events to large scale migration and displacement, an increasingly inhospitable world is the context in which we are all organizing for a new economy.

All our communities are in the process of changing their economic and political structures in the face of climate change. While transition is inevitable, it will only be a just transition if we make it so. The good news is that this crisis is an opportunity to chart a different course. For those of us on the frontlines of building an equitable and democratic future, how are our organizations and communities responding to this moment? What does a bottom-up approach to addressing the climate crisis look like and how are we getting there?

The kinds of topics that we are looking to feature in this track include energy democracy, grassroots disaster recovery, transformative climate policy, and more. We encourage folks to submit case studies, participatory workshops, trainings, and other offerings that will equip participants looking to step up their climate solutions organizing across the country and the world.