Culture Shift

Shift The Culture: New Media & Arts Economy

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The first step in liberation is to widen the perception of what is possible. Powerful cultural experiences and the news shape our understanding of what is politically possible and collectively desirable. Sadly, artists and journalists face powerful economic pressures to conform to the status quo. Those who choose to pursue their passion often confront great barriers to their ability to earn a living. This track invites us to explore solutions to the challenges facing progressive, independent artists and journalists, especially those from marginalized and oppressed groups.  How can we improve the quantity and quality of cultural production and news reporting, while making these industries more inclusive? We are simply not going to build a new economy and shift the culture without building a new media & arts economy.

We invite workshops on:

  • The importance of cultivating and networking locally-owned community arts venues and affordable living spaces for artists and journalists
  • Viable models for artist- and journalist-owned cooperatives, including trends in platform cooperatives
  • How to build next systems media
  • Cultural organizing as social justice organizing
  • The cultural/spiritual aspect of organizing
  • Poetry as power and open performance spaces
  • Popular representations of the solidarity economy
  • And more!

Coordinated by:

Estella Sanchez (Sol Collective); Nati Linares (New Economy Coalition); Noemi Giszpenc (Cooperative Development Institute)

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