Policy and Organizing

Our democracy is facing challenges from multiple fronts, but we're laying the groundwork for a new economy in which all people, communities, and ecosystems thrive. As we work to build innovative new economic institutions, transform our economic relationships with each other and the planet, and deepen our democracy, we need to make sure that policies and democratic processes support and grow our efforts rather than hindering them.


What are we doing in our communities to maintain and grow democratic voice? How can policy and organizing help draw resources and political support to new economy initiatives? What is the role of policy in helping scale and replicate our efforts? And what concrete tools and strategies can we draw on to build power and win the policies we need?


In this track, we will explore the role of policy research, advocacy and organizing in building the new economy. Through discussions and case studies, we will share concrete strategies and hands-on tools for building political and economic power and changing policies, and we will work together to apply these strategies and tools to our areas of work.


Coordinated by:

Ben Palmquist (National Economic & Social Rights Initiative); Maria Hadden (Our City Our Voice); Olga Bautista (Our City Our Voice); Peter Sabonis (National Economic & Social Rights Initiative); Valerie Warren (Our City Our Voice)


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