Bryan Perlmutter

Bryan Perlmutter is 22 years old and a native to NC. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and the founder of Ignite NC. At N.C. State, Bryan worked to build coalitions to oppose budget cuts and tuition hikes starting two campus organizations still thriving today. During his final year at N.C. State, he helped to start the North Carolina Student Power Union. He is currently the communication and development director of the Youth Organizing Institute that focuses on the school-to-prison-pipeline. He was among the first 17 people arrested during the first “Moral Monday” and has become a leader in this movement serving as youth speaker at many events and on MSNBC. Bryan has been featured in Moral Monday videos and as a panelist or keynote at events including NC Coalition against Domestic Violence, NC State commencement speaker, Virginia Student Power network and Tennessee student union conferences. Bryan currently serves on the Advisory Board for NC Student Power Union, Youth Organizing Institute, and Launch Progress.