What is CommonBound?

This June 6-8, more than 500 movement leaders, activists, practitioners, and newcomers will come together in Boston for CommonBound, NEC’s largest and most significant convening yet. The conference will feature inspiring keynote speakers, workshops covering a wide variety of new economy strategies, and participation from organizations such as the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, Demos, Climate Justice Alliance, Shareable, PolicyLink, and more.

For some, CommonBound will be an introduction and entry-point to the movement, providing tools, ideas, and networks they can bring home to their communities. For others, the conference will be a critical moment for propelling existing work forward, by providing an opportunity to build relationships with key collaborators and connect local efforts to broader campaigns and the emerging movement for a new economy.

Overview of the New Economy Coalition

The New Economy Coalition (NEC) is a collaborative network of more than 100 organizations and businesses working to build the movement for just and sustainable future. Faced with interconnected ecological and economic crises, we believe it’s time for deep changes to both our economic and political systems. We believe it’s time for something new—a new economy.

All around the world people are rolling up their sleeves and experimenting with innovative ways of doing business, practicing democracy, and sharing common resources. So many strategies that could transform our economy are already available, and more are emerging every day. But new policies and ideas are only as good as our will and capacity to bring them to life.

To take on the old system and build a new economy, we need a broad, intersectional, people-powered movement with values of economic, racial, and environmental justice at its core. NEC exists to build exactly that. We see ourselves as a “network server,” uniting efforts, amplifying grassroots work, and identifying opportunities for collective action, thus creating a whole far greater than the sum of the parts.

Already we have convened a network of more than 100 pioneering organizations (see the full list here). Working together, we can sharpen our ideas, reach new constituencies, broaden support for existing work, and launch new campaigns. In so doing, we will move forward rapidly from imagining a better future to making it happen.