Jim Oldham

Jim Oldham is Executive Director of Equity Trust, a small
Massachusetts-based non-profit working nationally to promote alternative
forms of land ownership--for farms, housing, local businesses and
services--that balance the needs of individuals with the needs of their
communities, the earth, and future generations. For twenty years, Equity
Trust has provided technical
assistance to projects creating new ways of owning, using, and stewarding
property. Equity Trust also runs a revolving loan fund that enables
lenders and donors around the country to support sustainable
community-based projects and provides a successful model for investing in
local food systems, housing and other critical resources.

Prior to joining Equity Trust in 2010, Jim was the Founding Director of
Las Lianas Resource Center, a bi-national US/Ecuadorian non-profit
organization that partners with indigenous peoples for collective rights,
environmental protection, sustainable development, and cultural autonomy.
He also served as Environmental Justice Coordinator for the Regional
Environmental Council in Worcester, MA. He lives with his wife and two
children in Amherst, MA where he serves as a Town Meeting member and writes
a monthly column on economic and social justice issues for the local